We as a perfect team

We are the ones who are part of and the ones who will be part of our team. Now there are only two of us, Diana and Mihai, who have laid the foundations of this small business. So, I took small steps until I succeeded.   

From strategy to implementation, we're here to help your ideas shine.

This is us

DD Graphic Art Team

Diana-M. Gojol

Founder & CEO - UI/UX | Graphic | Web Designer

Mihai-A. Gojol

Co-Founder & Administrator

What makes us different?

The principles by which we offer our services and products

The principles by which we offer our services and products

A thought process that leads to an extraordinary and unique idea, but most importantly achievable.

Integrity and trust

We pursue the customer's ideal honestly and fairly. The intention is to provide support.

Addressing the problem

Nothing is impossible, anything can be attempted. There is a solution for everyone.

Love for digital univers

If there is no passion, there is no desire. If not us, then who? If not now, then when?

A happy ending for all

The customer is the most important. If you are happy and satisfied, so will we be.

Long-term collaboration

Once we have met, we will enter into a lasting relationship. Together we are stronger!


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